RBR VideoMix 02: SteveIsLikeWoah

a video mix by SteveIsLikeWoah w/ visuals by Layton


RBR Mix 02 is here… and it comes from our friend Haran aka Hairclip @hairclip. Haran DJs bass music and plays bass in Phoenix-based heavy hardcore band – Pig City. We love his eclectic selections and are v excite to share them with you.

Words from Haran on the mix:
“Hi Everyone, I hope you’re doing well and have been eating your vegetables but remembering that it’s totally cool to drink a soda and eat some pringles after lying on the couch doomscrolling as a tv sitcom you’ve seen before plays in the background all day because when all is said and done, you gotta take care of yourself in so many aspects. It gets pretty overwhelming and with not attending a live music event or regularly hanging out with my friends for a year due to Covid, it can get easy to be swallowed up by it all. I made this mix to reflect the ups n downs of this past year. It’s a bit more mellow than what I usually play out for the most part but still has some moments for you to get loose to and I really hope that you do. I think the ideal way to listen to this mix would be in the morning, you should open the blinds to maybe one window so it’s not too bright, drink a lightly caffeinated beverage and sit in a comfy spot. That is the optimal way to listen to these songs or maybe I just think that because my apartment gets bad lighting.

Regardless, do what you want, stay safe and try to get kinder as each day passes <3″

Sincerely, hairclip.
Haran @hairclip

Bibio – Lover’s Carvings (Letherette Remix) 
Sami Baha – Yonga
Gobby – BB Guide
Teengirl Fantasy – Lung (Dinamarca Remix)
Bruce – Ore
Mr Mitch – VPN ft. Palmistry (Silk Road Assassins Remix)
Bodynet – Fortress of Gypsum
DivPro – Loss Prevention
Carla dal Forno – Fast Moving Cars
CYPHR – Lone Peak
Joey LaBeija – Scrub (It’s Not Me It’s You)
Mechatok & Toxe – Half Life
Lyzza – Ex E Ex
Mobilegirl – Ceremonial Song
Umru – Heat Death ft. Banoffee 
Murlo – Main
Coucou Chloe – Nobody
Montell Jordan – This Is How WEDIDIT (Shlohmo Remix)
Endgame – Tears on Road
Mitski – Francis Forever (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Iglooghost, Kai Whiston, Babiii – Teef Chizzel 
Karman – Gone

Day Trip – V.1 by Davina

one hour journey | day-cruising through the city | together we ride
a playlist by RBR resident-DJ, Davina

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