Vex Brown

The RBR family would like to recognize our brother, friend and inspiration Reese Brown, better known musically as, DJ Vex.

Not only was he a talented, well seasoned DJ with smooth and soulful selections, his talents expanded far beyond the turntables. He was also a skilled producer, gifted visual artist, and thoughtful promoter.

Gaining his footing on the East Coast, DJ Vex spread his richness throughout the US, also touching the Caribbean. The Pittsburgh native with ties to Virginia Beach, VA, quickly rooted himself in the Phoenix music scene. In his five years in the Valley, he founded Afroheat, Basement Tapes, electrified dance floors and events throughout The Valley, and became a resident DJ at both Radio Phoenix and here at RBR.

Vex’s musical sensibility was limitless. Ranging from strong Hip Hop beats, Afrobeat, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Rhythm and Blues, and many other eclectic and obscure sounds of the Afro diaspora. Still, Vex’s signature as a DJ was his smooth and soulful selecting, which truly reflected his spirit.

 We are all currently feeling a tremendous sense of loss. Reese Vex Brown will be missed by many. Vex’s shoes can never be filled, so let’s remember him for his creativity, dedication and irreplaceable contributions that he brought to the Phoenix music scene and to our lives. Let’s honor his hallmark smooth & soulful style by celebrating his spirit through the vibrations of his smooth and soulful music selections. You can watch every Steel City episode in this playlist here.

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