Welcome to Recordbar.org

We’re an independent music and arts project exploring new pathways to community-building and discovery; a hyper-amalgamation of subversive culture, media and commerce.

As Recordbar Radio, we produce community web-radio in Phoenix, Arizona. RBR is an open platform for artists by artists. It serves as a centralized source of discovery for listeners, and continues to be an invaluable tool for talent-buyers.

To learn more about this project and how you can support its continuation, head to our Patreon page.

As Central Records, we operate a carefully curated record store that specializes in music for curious minds. We also run a small cafe out of the store, pairing simple menu items with a personalized record shopping experience. Our menu features simple espresso drinks, cold brew, sandwiches, snack trays, beer, wine and more.

Central Records will be opening soon at 824 N Central Ave in Phoenix, Arizona.

As WTR Agency, we provide curated music entertainment solutions to discerning clients in the hospitality, retail, cannabis and event marketing spaces.

Send your project’s entertainment needs to info@recordbar.org.

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